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Client Background/ Brief:

The company was founded with simple mission that “Move Beyond Rhetoric and Create Sustainable Value” It is industry insiders with over 20 years of experience in building innovative and transformational solutions. It starts with a strategic focus and use innovative approaches to get it right and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

Business Needs:

  • Fresh & Elegant UI Design
  • Able to manage various services provide to domestic and commercial level
  • Manage Premises
  • Check Leak & Failure
  • Manage Operational Asset Details
  • Manage various types of Inspection, do by internally or Government.
  • Manage Operators details

Solution Developed:


  • Visual Studio 2015
  • SQL Server 2012
  • HTML, Jquery, Leaflet JS,Google Map, Mapbox, High Charts


  • Stable & Elegant look of website, should be compatible in all browsers.
  • Website is compatible in all mobile, iPad and Tablet devices.
  • System has  Admin and Company User.
  • Admin has access rights of all Modules and also he can create company user for solutions. Admin can manage Role, Users and Menu Access.
  • Elegant Dashboard for each Module.
  • Show the premises/ services/ Leak failure details on Map. Search Premise,Filter & Drawing facility on Map
  • Effective search and excel download facility for all Module & Sub Module.

Benefits Realized:

Gas Industries has different types of operation on daily basis. This system can help to make this operations easy and faster.

  • Manage Large amount of Data.
  • Manage New / Replace / Abandon service data.
  • Manage Operational Assets.
  • Manage Various types of Inspection.
  • Manage Leak Complain ,Leak Investigation  and Repair Details.

Case Study Title:

IT Solution for Gas Industries



Gas Industries

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