IoT Application Development

What is an IoT Application?
The applications that use the internet protocol to send and receive information from hardware associated with a sensor on a device is called Internet of Things IoT application. Such applications are used by organizations seeking data and interaction with hardware that is a non computing device. Such devices send the computable or presentable data to the cloud. Such data is used for analysis for achieving certain business goals.

Why IoT?
IoT application development is expected to bring huge set of opportunities to redefine the entire business landscape using internet. As per the McKinsey & Co, the combination of the physical and internet world using IoT might generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in transaction value by 2025.

We at Nichetech have helped clients to extend and enhance their technology solutions with our IoT knowledge and implementation strategies. Our experienced team helps to design the process of IoT project and suggests the effective solutions suitable to the organization’s requirements.

Our team has experience in building Android and iOS apps for IoT using various channels like WiFi, WiFi direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon, Zigbee and NFC.

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Why Nichetech for IoT?

  1. Good understanding of Hardware and Software with internet protocols.
  2. Experienced team working on IoT applications for years.
  3. Project deployment experience for international clients.
  4. Worked with medium to large enterprises for software solutions.
  5. Mobile application development experience in android, iOS and Hybrid.

IoT Case studies available on request.