Employee Speaks

Employee Speaks

  • Wasim Mulla Tech Lead .Net

    “NicheTech is a not only a company but its like a family and your second home.People working here are very supportive and helpful.Success comes with the dedicated work and responsibilities, and at NicheTech you get both. NicheTech is a right place for those who want to be part of the entire SDLC regardless of their experience, here capabilities comes before the experience.Timely recognition and rewards at NicheTech boosts up the employees to perform better in times to come.”

  • Parth Panchal Android Developer

    “Niche” in technology. I think everyone got the perfect “Niche” where no question of discrimination. “NicheTech” does an excellent job of keeping employees informed about matters affecting us.

  • Nidhi Shah iOS Developer

    It is an honor and pleasure for me working in Niche Tech and this company has introduced me to a career that I have never considered before. I have been working in Niche Tech since last July as iOS developer and I want to say thank you that this organization gave me a great chance for my development. I have met so many inspirational people. My seniors and colleagues are  very organized and easy to work with. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy to be a part of this organization.

  • Aayushi Panchal iOS Developer

    It is a pleasure to work at Nichetech, a company that has always been and continues to motivate each and every employee to build their career, leaders who always motivate their team. Slogan “Excellence is not a skill, It is an Attitude…” that is always display a “can do” attitude even in demanding situations.. Every employee try to solve problems, rather than to pass them on to other people. First answer is ‘yes, I’ll make it happen’ .  I am confident that Nichetech will grow stronger in the future and become a best company.

  • Shreya Prajapati Android Developer

    It’s a pleasure to work with Nichetech providing a comfortable or suitable platform for learning new things, Open policy regarding question/ concerns, Payroll on time and I am always excited for work with Nichetech Team as Nichetech provides great opportunity to improve my skills with new challenges and  it is nice place to work with TEAM – always ready to provide their support.

  • Kruti Dave ASP.NET Developer

    I have been working at NicheTech Computer Solutions more than one and half year. The Company is Niche in Technologies, Environment and Management. Encourage employee to learn new technologies also Staff is supportive. The Company provides flexible working hours facility. Timely salaries and appraisals.

  • Nitesh Gunani iOS Developer

    I have been working in nicheTech from last 11 Months it’s great experience for me. In NicheTech I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’ as my communication skills and Technical skills are improve more better thanmy previous company. It has been great working on a team with people from different cultures and different generations because I learn a lot from my co-workers. It is a great place to work as it is a diverse organization with talented people, great leadership, as well as a collaborative culture.The complete journey of working with NicheTech for me is admirable and lovely.

  • Dimple Shah iOS Tech Lead

    For me Nichetech is a not just a company where I work but it’s a place where I found my second family. From the day one I have started my journey with Nichetech, I love the work environment over here. I’m thankful to the management for putting trust on me and decided to given me a chance of handling whole department of iOS initially. It is a good and bad both experience, good in learning that how to handle team & bad in debating with management and clients. Company’s best part is attitude of all employees, it’s really amazing. I feel proud that I’m part of such organization.

  • Vishal Parekh Designer

    The culture of NicheTech is great and everyone I working with is amazing. I am really happy to be a part of NicheTech. The environment in this organization supports a balance between work and personal life. The pace of the work in this organization enables me to do a good job.

  • Kaushal Patel Android Developer

    I had joined Nichetech as an Trainee and have worked my way up to my current designation as Senior Android Developer. When I had joined this company it was growing and I have seen growth with it. The 4 years that I have spent in Nichetech has been fruitful and I have improved a great deal as a professional. The workload is challenging  sometimes but that’s what keeps everything exciting and interesting. I am looking forward to seeing the growth in the company. I would be always thankful to Management for putting their trust on me and given me a chance to learn how to handle clients.